Kolesarska “Dirka po Sloveniji” – Cycling “Tour of Slovenia”

Kolesarska “Dirka po Sloveniji” – Cycling “Tour of Slovenia”

Tour of Slovenija 17.06.2023


Tour of Slovenia is the largest cycling event in Slovenia, which every year attracts more and more people, who follow and watch the race either at the race track or through different media channels. The very first Tour of Slovenia was organized in May 1993, just one year after the Slovenian cycling organization became a member of the International cycling association UCI.

The Slovenian tour has continuously grown and developed and today, after successfully finishing already its 27th edition, it attracts world’s best cyclists and cycling teams to compete and demonstrate their skills on picturesque Slovenian roads, where images of landscapes change from Alpine, Pannonian to Mediterranean area.

With world-class partners and under a new slogan “Fight for green” the Tour of Slovenia is gaining new momentum and is – aside from being a top cycling event – becoming also one of the main events for the international promotion of Slovenia as a five-star tourist destination.


  • At the starts of all stages of the cycling race Across Slovenia, cyclists started 3154 times. Many have started multiple times, so there are different names in the history of the 1783 race. The race was completed by the riders 2335 times.
  • Adria Mobil cyclist Radoslav Rogina collected the most appearances in the Po Sloveniji race, who competed in the race between 1998 and 2019 as many as 20 times for five different teams and in 2013 he also won.
  • Among Slovenian cyclists, Jure Golčer is the record holder in the number of performances with 14 appearances and twice won in 2006 and 2008.
  • Most Slovenians took part in the race in 2009 (40), and the least in the first race in 1993 (18). This year we hope to 31.
  • The longest race was organized in 1999, when cyclists covered a total of 1102.5 km, and the shortest in 2013, only 503.1 km.
  • The longest stage is still the 37th in a row in 1998. They cycled 230 km from Ribnica to Nova Gorica.
  • The highest average speed was reached in the 2018 race – 664.4 kilometers were covered in 15 hours, 18 minutes and thirteen seconds, which amounts to 43,410 km / h.
  • In 2017, the race had some excesses, but the performance in 2018 still surpassed many: the most riders at the start – from 147 to 151, and also the most so far at the finish – from 133 to 143. This year we expect a surplus at the start with 153 riders.
  • The largest number of countries represented so far still boasts data for 2017-27, two less for 2019-25. This year, this achievement will obviously fall as well – the participation of cyclists from as many as 30 countries is expected.
  • The number of foreign teams was the highest in 2018 – 19, this year 18.
  • So far, the teams have collected 487 appearances 445, mostly Slovenian 123 times, followed by Italian with 103 appearances, Austrian with 29, and 19 appearances each by German and Croatian teams.
  • The most, 31 team appearances, were collected by ADRIA MOBIL and its predecessors, before LJUBLJANA GUSTO SANTIC 28 and KK KRANJ 20.
  • In 27 races, the cyclists covered a total of 21,174.9 kilometers, which means that this year, when we add 792 km to the total, the race will be 21,966.9 km long and would have circled Slovenia more than 16 times.
  • 10 Slovenians won the race 13 times, 13 foreigners 14 times.
  • Four cyclist won two times: Mitja Mahorič, Jure Golčer Diego Ulissi and Primož Roglič. Is equality between Slovenes and foreigners promising this year?